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Saveurs des Aravis

How would one discribe the taste of the Aravis


By the men and women of the Aravis massif who put all their efforts into getting the most out of the land and creating products from the land which typify the region.

By the art of good living and enjoying their food, which brings together the know-how of a whole network of people linked together by these products (farmers, cheese maturers, restaurants, and shop-keepers).

At the farm or on the dining tables, or on the shelves, the products stamped with ‘Saveurs des Aravis’ (tastes of the Aravis) guarantee their place of origin and also their quality.



Enjoy the experience of a local network

Climbing up to the alpine meadows:
The Aravis farmers demonstrate their transhumance up to the alpine meadows to the public. Just  once a year, this is a day of great activity: the farmers, their herds, and the whole family leave the farm at lower altitudes to live for 5 months long in the alpine meadows...


Enjoy the products of the Aravis

* Le reblochon A.O.P


Saveurs des Aravis

* L'abondance A.O.P


* Le biscantin


* Le chevrotin A.O.P

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