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A speciality of the lands of Serraval, just a few steps from Thônes, the Biscantin is a tasty version of cider created between the summits.


Le Biscantin©Saveurs des Aravis

The Biscantin is a quality local product
Still made according to the traditional method, Biscantin is more in the spotlight these days. The orchard owners no longer make it themselves: they take their fruit to the association which does the pressing at Poisy. A part of the juice is sent to the Savoy cider makers at Novolaise, where it’s fermented in stainless steel vats.  The percentage of pears varies from one year to the next depending on the quantity produced. Following the short sterilisation, after the bottling, the Biscantin can be kept for 3 years. 
Worth knowing: Why not visit the Apple and Biscantin museum at Serraval : visit with commentary and sale of products of the orchard.
To find out more, visit the Apple and Biscantin website.


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